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SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives For Teens) is a nonprofit based in North Carolina. We work to empower North Carolinians so that every adolescent grows up in a state that is equipped to support their sexual health needs. Investing in young people’s sexual health benefits them, our state, and our communities now and in the future.

Our Projects & Services focus on North Carolina teens, but we use our knowledge to impact young people and the professionals that interact with them across the county

The BrdsNBz Texting Line was created in March 2009 to serve North Carolina’s young people, but has spread to be a useful service for public health organizations across the country. To date, the service has been used in eight states and received more than 8,000 questions.

In addition to the BrdsNBz Texting Line, SHIFT NC maintains the Playbook – a complete online guide to young people’s sexual health. While some of the content is focused on North Carolina, most of the content is applicable to teens everywhere!


Our Team is here to help you find a program that fits your budget. Contact us to get a customized quote to bring a texting line to your area:

Kennon Jackson, Jr., M.A.

Director of Technology

Phone: 910.920.7211

Email: Kjackson@shiftnc.org

Skype: Kennon.Jackson

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