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The BrdsNBz Text Line provides confidential, medically-accurate information for questions about sexual health and related topics via text message. A young person simply texts a question and a trained health educator responds within 24 hours, but it’s usually MUCH quicker!

To date, the service has been used in eight states and received more than 8,000 questions to improve young people’s access to accurate sexual health information.

BrdsNBz has been implemented in organizations with varying modes of capacity. From small nonprofits and regional healthcare organizations to statewide health departments, BrdsNBz can fit your needs. BrdsNBz has been successfully implemented in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas and New Mexico.

How Can BrdsNBz Help Your Program?

Reach Young People with Program Information

If your organization is looking to increase young people’s access to information about your programs and increase access to medically-accurate information about sexual health and related topics, BrdsNBz IS FOR YOU! BrdsNBz expands the boundaries of communication by allowing text messaging to not only answer questions but to also “push” texts to the young people who have opted-in to your program. You send information to the young people you need to engage with most.

Innovative Methods to Reach Young People

Many of our licenses receive grant funding to reach young people using innovative methods. BrdsNBz is a perfect solution. Easy to use and ready to roll, this is a novel and effective way to get information to young people in your area.

  • Anonymous for users ages 13 to 19
  • Medically-accurate information about sexual health and related topics
  • Proven strategy for health communication that works
  • Research-based and innovative approach to health communication
  • Local resources and referrals

What Questions Do We Answer?


What certain slang terms mean. The risks of specific sexual activities. Dispelling myths about sex.

Knowledge and Safety

How to get birth control. How pregnancy occurs. How HIV and STDs are contracted.


How to know if someone likes you. How to ask someone out. What to do if a partner mistreats you.


Where can I get tested for pregnancy, STDs, HIV?


How do I know if I’m pregnant?


Where can I get birth control in my hometown?


What a period is and what to do. Am I normal? Anatomical questions. 


I think I’ve been exposed to an STD or HIV, what do I do now?


  • We cannot diagnose medical issues like HIV, STDs and/or pregnancy. We will refer a user to seek the help of a medical professional for a diagnosis and care. We inform them of their rights and of local resources. We CAN provide medically-accurate information to inform the user’s decision-making process.
  • We often counsel users to seek the advice of a parent or other trusted adult.
  • We do not provide information on sexual techniques.
  • We have a strict confidentiality policy. We will only break confidentiality to follow a red flag protocol if a user indicates the danger of some imminent harm.


Our team is here to help you find a program that fits your budget. Contact us to get a customized quote to bring a texting line to your area:

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