To Use BrdsNBz, A Young Person Would:

  • Text your program’s keyword to the BrdsNBz designated shortcode to opt-in to the service. Young people only need to opt-in the first time they use the service.
  • Text your question to the BrdsNBz shortcode.

Reach Young People with Program Information

If your organization is looking to increase young people’s access to information about your programs and increase access to medically-accurate and affirming information about sexual health and related topics then BrdsNBz is for you!

Innovative Methods to Reach Young People

Many of our licenses receive grant funding to reach young people using innovative methods. BrdsNBz is a perfect solution. Easy to use and ready to roll, this is an effective way to get information to young people in your area.

  • Confidential and anonymous textline for users ages 13 to 19
  • Medically-accurate information about sexual health topics
  • Affirming messaging to ease nerves and destigmatize sexual health topics
  • Health Education team backed by ASHA's 100+ years of sexual health expertise
  • Proven strategy for health communication that works
  • Research-based and innovative approach to health communication
  • Local resources and referrals
  • Young people will receive answers within 24 hours and usually much quicker!