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The success of the BrdsNBz and Xs N Os Texting Line is completely dependent on the power of your organization to make it spread to young people. The Texting Line is just a tool, so it depends on smart, savvy organizations to spread it to the young people in their program.

Do you have a dedicated staff member that believes in text messaging? 

For your investment in this service to be successful, your team has to be committed to making it work! The success of this service lies in your team using the benefits available to you through the license.

Do you have a marketing budget allocated to promoting the Texting Line?

It’s corporate best practice to allocate at least 15-30 percent of a project budget to communications. We know this is hard for many nonprofits, but it’s a good rule to try to find dollars to support your new texting program. The BrdsNBz & Xs N Os Team is committed to helping you build a license that reflects your organization’s ability to not only implement the service but market it as well.

Unfortunately, young people need to be reminded often to utilize this resource. In this plan, we’ve identified both free and low-cost marketing tactics, but we also know that it does take some marketing funds to make it successful.

Do you have a communications program in place to amplify your work?

It can take many times to tell a young person to use this service. Imagine how many times their parents have to tell them to clean their room – it’s the same concept with this product. You’ll want to give young people the opportunity to hear about this product from multiple messengers. It might only take one ask, but it will likely take them up to 10-15 times to hear about the product before they sign up.

In marketing terms, this principle is called effective frequency. Effective frequency means striking the balance between hearing a message enough times to motivate action, but not too many times that your audience gets annoyed. In our modern society, we’re faced with a constant barrage of messages; adults need to hear a message 7-15 times before they take action. Teens require more consistency because they are slammed with a flood of messages every day.

We will help you create a plan that has many trusted sources and messages to motivate your young people to opt in and use the service. These communication channels can include presentations, email, social media and media relations.


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